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Ballpoint Pen on Moleskin Sketchbook paper, c. 2019

Artwork size: 2” x 2”

Inner frame size: 5" x 7"


This work is named after the falcon companion in the animated movie, “Quest for Camelot.”  Ayden acted as his blind master’s eyes, helping him to “see” and overcome an otherwise, in many ways, crippling disability; offering help and hope.


Reading about Jesus interaction with the Blind and His compassion and healing of them drew me to Jesus, these healings were a fulfillment of prophesy about what God’s messiah would do when he came (compare Isaiah 29:18, 35:5, Old Testament verses, with Matthew 11:5, 21:14, New Testament verses).

Ayden, Original

  • Do not remove art until show ends.  Select shipping or pick up preference at check out.

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